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January 2024 Wisdom Forecast

January 2024 Wisdom Themes:


1. Destiny at the helm: Destiny is at the helm. Steering us through the storms of life. Trust that where you are is where you need to be. What is lost, is not needed. Hanging on to anything but the center only brings chaos. Where is your center?


2. Being comfortable in our creativity: Being comfortable in our creativity requires us to first take risks. Find the courage to dive into the waters of creativity. Get out of your head and into your heart to find your unique song.


3. Inspiration through darkness: You have become boring. Darkness has made you dull and inspiration cannot be found on the monochromatic canvas your world has become. But each one of you has the power to reclaim that joy and excitement. And together we must. The inner child longs to come out and play. It is in playing that we create joy and receive the light to anchor into this world and become a pillar of inspiration for others. Will you come out to play?


4. Balancing relationships: Balance what is around you. Bring justice to the community that you have created. The one that revolves around you. That supports you. How does it support you? Positive or Negative? What changes need to be made to bring peace, success, and harmony? But remember that what is happening around us is an externalization of the processes happening within us. Forgive the illusion for it is a reflection of you.  


Strategies for Navigating January 2024:


1. Narrow your focus. The only way to reach your goals is to bring your focus down to a single point and thread the needle of intentionality. And in doing so, letting go of all that is not in alignment. Examine what is with extreme discernment to find clarity free from distractions.


2. Let go of what no longer serves. Time will stand still for as long as we hold on. Nothing can move forward if we do not let go of the past.  


3. Watch for synchronicities where connections can be made to move us forward. These are the seeds of our intention. 


4. Notice where your energy flows. Are these places draining you? Is there a balance? There should always be an equal balance between giving and receiving.

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