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Misty Slope


"Chris has the amazing gift of energy healing through Reiki. Chris is well worth the drive to Middletown DE for many reasons. His kind spirit makes you immediately feel comfortable as he explains what he will do during the session. During the session Chris ask for guidance from your spirit guides and higher self. This allows you to know that no matter what, we are never alone. After the session Chris will explain what he experienced to help you be more aware. Chris is gifted and you should spend time with him – you are worth it."


I have to say it’s hard to describe what actually happens during a session without experiencing it for yourself. I was very skeptical and at first not a believer. My wife had starting going to Chris first and I started noticing changes in her which made me curious.
I have had 2 sessions now and you can definitely feel the power in the energy during the sessions. I have chronic back problems which have been better and also I feel my mood has improved!
Chris makes the experience easy, even for a skeptic like I was! Not anymore though!


I went to see Chris because I had a lot of physical symptoms come up that really scared me. My legs and hips were aching, felt a lot of pressure - the anxious thoughts spinning around became difficult to manage. Chris listened to me and performed his magic. I felt so peaceful, uplifted, and hopeful after that first reiki session - the fear and leg pain were gone. The second session helped with some recent headaches and stress at work. It’s been two weeks and I only feel slight leg pain after sitting too long (my body telling me to move) - but no anxiety comes up. I am so grateful! I recommend Chris to everyone!


Chris Breaux came and completed the home/aura cleansings for me and my daughter on 5/11/2019. I was really excited to see he was offering this service. I've had a few traumatic things happen here and since then I hear a lot of activity throughout the day and all throughout the night. I've tried the whole smudging thing on my own but that didn't work. Chris was extremely professional throughout the who session, he was dead on in giving me a report after he was completed and the whole process was very relaxing as well. He also gives recommendations after his report which I was very compliant on. I'd like to report since he has worked his expertise I've had no activity at all, my daughter & myself have been sleeping the best we have in the past few years AND we have a sense of peace in our home now (even company has noticed a difference as soon as they walk through my door.) Anyways what I'm trying to say is DEFINITELY have Chris Breaux come out to your home and complete the cleansing. You won't be disappointed at all. Thank you Chris!!!


Chris's Reiki practice showed up at the perfect time for me. First I joined one of his monthly Reiki sound healing group sessions. While I became acutely aware of some pain in my body during that session, I felt fantastic a few hours later, light and pain free! Since then I've had a couple of individual treatments with Chris that have completely brought a new awareness to me. His work with my energy has helped to clear a ton of emotional pain I didn't even realize I was holding onto. By the end of each session I feel such mental clarity! I have much gratitude that Chris has brought his energy work to our community. If you have any kind of pain emotional, physical, or otherwise, I highly recommend Chris Breaux's service. Give it a try!


I had two brief Reiki sessions prior to my two sessions with Chris.  I was looking into different forms of meditation to assist with my anxiety and stress.  Chris was recommended to me through my therapist. Chris’ caring personality put me at ease from the beginning.  It is a rather tranquil setting and he has the ability to make me feel at ease and at peace before and during a session.  I let go of my anxiety and tension while I’m in his office and have left both sessions feeling very relaxed and at peace.  Thank you Chris.


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