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February 2024 Wisdom Forecast

February 2024 Wisdom Themes

Major Theme: Foundational Strength


1. Connection is Your Foundation: Connection is your foundation, so connect to your foundation. Examine those you have allowed around you. Seek council if they are trusted. If they are not, what worth does the relationship bring? Connect to yourself and how you feel. How you feel is the foundation upon which you create life. Ask yourself, "How am I feeling and where is that feeling taking me?" If it is a goal you seek, do not focus on where you want to go, focus on what it feels like to be there. Practice feeling that. But if your desire is a feeling itself, remember that we must feel ourselves out of darkness - to understand its purpose. "Feel it to heal it." Practice joy, but do not neglect the shadow. Otherwise, it will make for a porous foundation.


2. Finding Love and Acceptance for You: The house you've built is the house you live in. And this house has many room...many doors. Explore, with honesty, all the rooms of your house. Dive deep to illuminate the shadows that reside in corners unacknowledged and renovate your home to invite peace and love into every square inch.


3. Crossing the River to Happiness: A difficult period is at hand. Happiness is not found in the material world, it is reflected by it. Material loss can lead us to a place of recognizing the unnecessary. Where you must decide what is not needed, because it is not there...yet you remain.


4. Acceleration Through Creativity: Joy is our inspiration and guide out of trying times. Laugh as deeply as you can and shake up the heaviness of despair that holds you down and away from your goals. Focusing on the mud does not get us unstuck. We must focus on the places that support us with steady foundations, so that we may anchor there and pull ourselves out. Joy is a guiding star that illuminates the nighttime terrain, so that we may find our way into the dawn. It is found in your creativity.


Strategies for Navigating February 2024:


1. Reflect. The obstacles that keep you separated from your goals are there for a reason. Do not try to blast through them. Maybe the timing is not right. Maybe your intention is not right. Pause and reflect on where you are now. You are here in this moment needed in the service of now.


2. Feel what needs to be felt. The grief of what is lost is necessary in honoring your experience, to give yourself time to consider all the gifts in it, to really know what you've learned as you walk away from what is lost into something new.


3. Follow your intuition. Practice feeling the right decision and avoid overthinking it. Self-doubt comes from indecisiveness. It comes from not trusting that you have the strength, courage, and power to make all necessary considerations and to adapt to what becomes out of those decisions in a process of highest evolution.  


4. Practice Patience and Gratitude. You have been and are planting the seeds of your dreams. But in order for those to manifest and come into life, we must hold that frequency of openness to allow the Universe the time necessary to birth it for us.

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