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Only Love Remains

When we let go of our fears, there is only love that remains.

But we can’t just let go of our fears. It’s not that simple. We can’t just lower the walls. The walls that keep us safe…they protect us. Only when we are protected and we feel safe, then we’ll no longer need to fear. At least that’s what we tell ourselves.

And let’s suppose that what we fear does disappear. That the perceived threat that has forced us to barricade ourselves within protection has miraculously disappeared. How would we know? How would we know it was safe to come out of our shell? We wouldn’t…not without the courage to peek beyond the walls of protection to check-in on that which we fear. No, our fears are often so deeply rooted within our psyche that it can feel seemingly impossible to release ourselves from the walls of perceived protection that were created in response to our fears. The walls that separate us…internally…externally.

Sometimes I am granted a glimpse behind the shadowy veil of the fears that I carry…behind the walls that I’ve built…to protect me from the threat of that which I am trying to heal in the best ways that I know how. And in those brief moments, the only thing I see is love. A strange feeling compared to what exists in this current state of separation, but one that is unmistakable. It is only love. A love so inexplicably immense that my words can never describe it. So pervasive, it overwhelms me and sparks within me another feeling that cannot be explained…hope.

It’s only ever a brief moment, but brief is all I need to remind me of my purpose. To give me the courage to face my fears. To do my healing work. Facing one fear at at time…dismantling one wall at a time…to one day find that place where only love remains.

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