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July 2024 Wisdom Forecast

July 2024 Wisdom Themes

Major Theme: ReBirth


1. The Call of Sacrifice: When we are called to sacrifice, there is nothing we can do to change the experience of "change." We will be pushed into the seasons of letting go kicking and screaming, or we can gracefully walk the path of surrender to gently, and on our own terms, come to that place of realizing that what it sacrificed is not needed. And that by letting it go, we only opened up the capacity to welcome in so much more. Take a breath...a step back...observe. There is nothing that can be done. Find peace with knowing that all is moving/changing as it should.


2. Pulling Wisdom Out of Pain - Finding the Teacher Within: We must realize that our pain is here to love us, not hurt us...To guide us, not punish us. The experience of pain can reveal all of our greatest strengths and all of our greatest weaknesses...all at the same time. In that, it can be our greatest teacher. But we must be willing to listen. We must be open to hearing the story of triumphant emergence through the darkest of times. So that we can then proclaim the message of hope and show the world what it means to walk out of the darkness. So that no one else might be lost in that experience again.


3. Rebirth of the Heart:  This is a time of heavy emotions...grief and loss. We are in the womb of change, blinded by all that separates us from what we desire...from the experience of peace. Shift your focus away from the external, away from the walls of incubation, and focus on the warmth that supports you in this rebirthing process. Focus on what you are grateful for now, what brings you joy now, the happiness that can be found now. This is what will feed you in this gestation period before your rebirth. When you are reborn again as a New Earth human to advance the collective heart of our species.


4. The Path to Finding Your Voice: The revelation of your unique voice of creativity can only be found on the unmarked trail. A path that no one else has taken. Because you are unique in every way. So leave behind the paths of imitation in search of your creative genius. And quietly walk along the path less taken, so as not to invite others to find your voice before you. Their imitation of your voice would create confusion in your search. Take the time to find quiet mastery of your instrument of creation, so that when the time to share it arises, there is no mistaking the genius in your harmony.



Strategies for Navigating July 2024:


1. Find your roots. Strengthen that which keeps you grounded. In times of change, it is being well-grounded that makes us stronger and makes us more able to adapt and be flexible. Because there is one thing that will never change. You are a child of the Universe and you are always being cared for and loved.


2. Keep a clear mind. Often we can be so easily influenced by the thoughts and emotions of others. We must remember that what we allow to grow into our own experience are the seeds of our own thoughts and emotions. So if I borrow those seeds from others, then I may not be growing what I want or need. Practice discernment within your thoughts and pull the weeds of group-think from the garden of your mind


3. Face your challenges head-on. You will never move forward if you do not find solutions to the problems in front of you. Face your fears. Look down into the abyss and know that you are not alone in this walk.


4. The Universe is reaching out to you. All you have to do is reach out your hand. The Universe works with us, not for us; because we are one with the Universe. So reach out your hand and meet Creation halfway. Only you can take the first step.

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