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April 2022

There is love in our circumstances, and there is promise for a bright future.

But to see the path above the forest requires that we float on the wings of hope. You are the only one who can spread those wings. So lift yourself up and soar in the recognition of your glory. I believe in you.

These monthly energetic themes that I have been reporting to you sort of blend with each other. And this month in particular, what I felt during my reading, was that some of this energy has already started to present itself in March, but will continue to show up in April. Firstly, this entire ascension process was initiated into our awareness through multiple traumas. The main trauma being a global pandemic. Healing works this way. If an aspect of consciousness is out of alignment, and has been either suppressed or buried intentionally or unintentionally, that energy becomes stagnant. And when energy becomes stagnant, it creates blockage and buildup where the only avenue of expression and release becomes the physical body in the form of disease. This month will see a resurgence in many of the same calls for healing. For some, the opportunity to acknowledge that we have become something else may have been missed. In that lack of awareness, old fears will resurface. For some, old fears wearing old faces. For others, old fears wearing new faces.

We cannot remain hypnotized by comfort and sameness, continuing to tell the same old stories so we don’t evolve beyond them. The call is for everyone, so everyone must answer. Both individually and collectively. What I am also seeing is a rise in a predatory energy. This presented itself last month as well, but will continue into April. It was something tha

t I didn’t report on last month. Mostly because I overlooked it, due to the immense amount of energy coming through during that reading. It is an energy that seeks to steal away your dreams to feed it’s own fears. Remain vigilant, and above all compassionate. Remember the importance of our dreams. It is our dreams that create reality.

April brings us a rich opportunity to accept the gifts being offered for the well-being of all…for the well-being of the future. But beware, all that glitters is not gold. Be mindful and practice discernment in selecting only the treasures that will further your spiritual growth, and avoid that which is empty of real value. The new world is being born through each and every one of us. But through this process, the individual sovereign self is also being reborn. April brings the opportunity for sowing and weeding. Cultivating and nurturing what is important, and removing what does not bring value to the garden. This is all about self-care and self-healing. Remove the weeds that will take away from the health of the garden inside of you. This month, look for the opportunities where the negative energies will present themselves. Maybe subtly or maybe overtly. But they will offer you the choice and opportunity to weed them out. Remember that the world we live in does not belong to us. It belongs to our grandchildren and the many generations that will come after us. The New Earth asks us to create with others in mind…to create with compassion. We are planting the seeds for the future.

This month, find the creativity in you and nurture that. This is a good month to begin or spend some extra time on the projects that have been taking shape in your mind. However, keep them to yourself and nurture them with gentleness and without haste. Allow them all the space they may need to grow toward maturity…to grow into manifestation. These are the contributions you will leave for the future.

All of this is ultimately leading us toward a sacrifice of the self. But not how you may think. It is a sacrifice of the illusory self…the ego. All of this is leading us through the experience of egoic death. The ego is that piece of us that feels separated and fearful. It is the fearful identity of separation that we must let go of if we wish to recognize and appreciate the energy of the heart, which is all about connection. So although this time is about building and birthing a brighter future, it is also a time of death and loss. A time of releasing the shackle

s of the ego, by letting go of the limitations we have defined ourselves with and allowing ourselves to evolve. Letting go of judgment, fear, and self-centeredness. Letting go of the images about who we are that may have been inherited through our old ways, but are limiting our ability to grow. On the day of this reading, I found a dead bird outside of the door to my office at my Physical Therapy gig. If I have ever spoken to you about coincidence, you will know that I don’t believe in it. I do however believe in synchronicity. Everything that comes into our awareness has meaning…has purpose. And finding this dead bird symbolizes the presence of death. But death is never the end. It is a doorway to a new beginning. A doorway to rebirth. So this month, let us embrace growth…love discomfort…and learn to let go of our limitations. In this way, we will find the path to an undefined potential…an infinite potential. One that will lead us to the discovery of a more authentic self. And let us be excited about what will bloom for each of us as we nurture this growth. 3 Strategies for Navigating April

1. Find Balance: We are navigating the transition between the old world and the new world, so in a sense we are each the bridge between them. Without a bridge the passage across any divide can be treacherous. Find balance between consciously and mindfully letting go of the past and appreciating the newness emerging for you and from you. Remember that self-care is the important message being offered. Spirit is showing me images of huge flashing signs here….SELF-CARE, SELF-CARE, SELF-CARE. Find a place to balance self-care into your day. A balance between experiencing the outer-world and going within. It is vitally important. I really can’t say that enough, and spirit is extremely adamant about this being a top priority for everyone. Seeds cannot grow without nurture…nurture yourself. 2. Trust the Process: Real spiritual work is not all rainbows and unicorns. It can be awkward, messy and conflicted, but this is how we shift. Lean into the chaos, find the center…your center, and allow the storm to alleviate stagnant energy. Trust that when the dust settles, a bright new landscape will remain. One without the obstacles created by what was stagnant before. The Universe knows what we need, when we need it. All we need to do is trust. When we trust the process, we get out of the way, and this allows room for grace. 3. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Discomfort can be an indicator of growth, so allow yourself to gently experience growth on your own terms by getting out there. Explore the unmarked trail to your authentic self through new choices. You already know where the old you will lead. But you are not that person anymore. You are evolving…but into what? No one can know or find out but you. Get out of character to find your authentic self. Maybe you take a trip to the mountains instead of the beach. Maybe you strike up a conversation at the grocery store or simply say “hi” to a stranger. Maybe you act on that opportunity to do or be something different. I have a feeling you already know what is calling you. Explore it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Remember that hope can never be taken away from you. It is yours to use always. Hope is what forms the wings of the new angelic-human template. You can spread your wings to soar above the forest to see the path above the trees. Or you may fall below to appreciate the experience of thorny branches, darkness and confusion. But that choice is yours…to either extend or retract your wings of hope.

As always, thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of your journey. I hope to see you soon.

In warmth,


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