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A message from the Angels: Creativity

The source of creation is within every moment of your being. It is within every decision and every choice. Within every heartbeat…and every voice. Creativity is the beautiful birthing process of you…Of your unique self and individual experience and expression of all that is. Creativity is the birthing of the Universe.

But like any birthing process, it comes from the Divine Feminine. A path of deep listening. One of patience and strength that allows the Divine unfolding to happen with graceful timing. However, this is where you may find your conflict…waiting and listening for that moment of Divine inspiration to give you the signal of when to “push.” But you are constantly creating into being, so in your process of creation it is not so much as when to push but where to push. Where to place the next brushstroke to paint a life desired, transmuting the imperfections to leave a canvas of picture-perfect purpose in service.

And you direct these creative forces through your choices. And most of the time this seems obvious. But there may come a moment of experience where you say, “I didn’t choose this struggle. I didn’t choose to create this chaos.” My beautiful one, you did. You chose it when you wouldn’t allow yourself the opportunity to feel…when you held in your emotions and and ignored the fears they were rooted in. You choose it with every thought and every emotion that carried you away from your center…away from your heart. Creation does not wait for you to say “go”. You have already initiated your genesis by being part of creation yourself. Creation is who you are, so you are never outside of this progenation.

Dear child, fear not. There are no wrong decisions, but there is a right one. Seek joy.

By seeking what ignites the joy inside of you, you are connecting with the authenticity of your core essence. Connecting with the pureness of being that rests unwavering in love.

In this, a revelation…wisdom unbounded that all you seek waits for you in this very

moment. Calling to you…inviting you through the experience of joy.

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