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Stepping Into My Power

I could feel their presence.

The ones volunteering by my side.

Their voices rising up through my deafness to rejoice.

For I was breaking free.

Waking up.

Shedding the cocoon of who I was to remember who I am.

Consecutive waves of emotional energy supporting my emergence...




And I wept.

I wrote this poem about the moment I realized my purpose on this planet. Finding this purpose was a long road filled with disappointment and obstacles. Even though I always knew that my purpose was to help other people, I always felt that the way I was helping was only scratching the surface. I felt that what I was doing wasn't enough. Something more was needed. What I was feeling was a calling for a healer and a teacher to guide those who were ready.

The day that I decided to identify as an energy healing and embrace my role in transforming consciousness on the planet, was the day I found my purpose. And with that purpose came waves of emotion. Like embracing an old friend, I was embracing my true self. I had discovered not only the person I came here to be, but the person I had forgotten I was. I had discovered my truest and highest self. And I could sense my spirit guides rejoicing and cheering, sending love and support for my awakening. So much love and support from those I was blind to sent waves of gratitude throughout my being. I was stepping into my power, and I knew it was the beginning of profound change. Not just change within myself, but change on a cosmic scale.

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