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COVID-19...A Message for Humanity

Every moment of our lives presents an opportunity for growth and learning. Within every moment of dis-ease, we can find the hidden, and sometimes not so hidden, messages being given to us from the divine as part of our development in consciousness. All we have to do is step back, settle in, and take a look. So what is the message in COVID-19?

To understand the spiritual meaning of anything, we have to look at what it is trying to teach us. The lessons being conveyed.

To find those, we have to look at how whatever it is is presenting and manifesting in our lives. Where are the signs and signals pushing the consciousness?

COVID-19 is a global pandemic, and so the lessons for transformation are directed toward and proportional to a global scale. This is a lesson for the entire human race.

Now, the coronavirus affects the lungs. Part of my work and my specialty is discerning the body’s messages from the subconscious mind. The body speaks the subconscious mind and the areas of our consciousness that need alignment and healing will manifest as physical disease. This is a gift from the physical form. So what do the lungs represent? The lungs have to do with the breath of life. Allowing the flow of life to come and go into and out of every aspect of our existence. The lungs are about balance, rhythm, and flow. The balance between give and take. We take the breath in, given to us from the universe, and then we release that breath fully and completely. Knowing that another breath waits for us on the other side. But also our breath feeds the world around us. Plants and trees take the air that we exhale and breathe in our breath out. And their contribution is the breath out, which we then breathe in. So this rhythm and flow which takes place within the lungs represents our harmony with nature and the planet...with the universe around us. It represents our harmony with each other. Are we taking more than we should in life? More than we give? Are we holding onto aspects of life out of greed or fear?

Now let’s add the complexity of the chakras and how the coronavirus relates to this system of our consciousness. Again going to the lungs and the breath, we are in the area of the heart and throat chakras. These energy centers correspond to compassion and harmony. And we arrive back again to the transformation of our consciousness in bringing awareness to how our actions affect others. Do we enforce and take action on our own will without consideration of how that might affect others? Are we protecting ourselves and our neighbors by practicing social distancing and sacrificing social interactions and leisure activities? Are we hoarding toilet paper and living essentials with disregard for our neighbors and others who may not have the ability to get out to the store? Are we working together as communities in harmony with one another to support those around us without the need for spreading fear, panic, and the disease itself?

And lastly, let’s look at where this disease has brought us. It has forced us to stay spend time with ourselves and our families. This disease has brought us back into the heart and forced us to come home to recognize the need for healing within each of us. That’s why it is such a struggle to adhere to this isolation. Because it has become slightly uncomfortable inside of our hearts. We have neglected taking responsibility for the task of healing. This is our reminder, and for that we can be grateful.

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