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An encounter with the darkness.

I've been struggling lately with ideas for a blog post. Different topics like 'free will' and choice were on the top of the list, but the words and ideas just weren't forming coherently enough to share. This post is sort of about 'free will', but not quite. To understand, I think it would make sense if I just told the story. The story of my recent encounter with a dark entity and the beautiful healing that took place afterward.

It was a night like any other. A Thursday to be precise. We had gone to bed on time and I was taking off the next day to get a little R&R from the daily grind. We were hoping to do something outdoors, since it was the beginning of spring. It was planned to be a great weekend.

The night was quiet until I awoke to my wife calling my name. The time was 3:30 and she was frantically trying to wake me. There was a man standing in our bedroom. Just standing, staring at her while she was calling out to me. I didn't see the man, but she said he was just looking at her and then stepped backward into our closet. I jumped out of bed and turned on all the lights to search for what may have been seen, but found nothing.

My wife was terrified. I comforted her and reassured her that nothing was in the house. I checked all the rooms and downstairs just to be sure. I checked to make sure all the doors and windows were locked and closed. And after a few minutes of reassurance we both went back to sleep. But that wasn't the end of this encounter.

At 5:30 am I awoke again to something hitting my neck and shoulder. I opened my eyes and felt a heaviness in the room. The room was heavy and there was ringing in my ears. I could sense a presence standing to my left side. Then I realized that I couldn't move. Every muscle in my body was being contracted and held down. My hands were like claws, contorted and immobilized by my own muscles. But I wasn't in control. I tried to look to my left to see what was standing next to me, but I couldn't move. I felt the presence move over top of me. I felt my eyes close involuntarily and I couldn't reopen them. It didn't want me to look at it. I tried to use psychic perception to view what it was, but all I could see was what looked like the outline of the head of an owl. I realized that I was under attack.

I began to calm myself. I knew that fear would only feed whatever this was that was attacking me. I began to raise my vibration to defend myself and resist. But as I resisted, it resisted, and the room got even heavier and the ringing even louder. Even the electronics in the room could feel the energy as a Bluetooth speaker on our dresser began shouting static. (Lesson: Resistance can only be met with resistance.) I tried to scream, but nothing came out. I was beginning to panic.

I calmed myself quickly, knowing that my emotions would again make it stronger. I thought about my studies of the darkness and healing techniques relating to dark entities. I switched my mental stance from one of resistance to one of compassion, remembering that the darkness needs healing. I called in my spirit team and Archangel Micheal. As I began to send healing energy to the entity. It worked! The room started to become lighter until finally I was released. I laid there sweating. What the hell just happened?! I didn't dare wake my wife and tell her. She had already been scared enough for one night. I couldn't go back to sleep. I knew that the healing wasn't finished. The darkness was in hiding.

When everyone woke up, I told my wife what I had experienced. She told me that she had felt something touch her during the night too. Thankfully it was not as intense as my experience, but it did make contact with her. The whole morning I could feel this pain in my shoulders and neck that got worse when I was in our bedroom. Even taking a shower I could feel as if something was trying to choke me. Again I knew the healing was not finished.

But we had plans to go out and enjoy the day. I couldn't cancel our plans. Then I would have to explain to our children what was going on, and I didn't want to scare them. Their home is safe and they should always feel that way. But the more time that went by, the more pull I felt to doing this healing. I knew I needed help. So I asked for it.

I psychically put out a call to the entire Universe for help in healing and cleansing this darkness that present. Now this is something I've never done. So I didn't know what to expect. But as soon as I made the intention of calling out to the divine, I felt the most intense compassion I've ever experienced. The entire cosmos answered and was ready to help me. I began to cry as waves of gratitude hit my like tidal waves. I asked for the room to be cleansed and, in my minds eye, could see beings from all across the universe working to cleanse and heal the darkness. One even looked like an octopus, how amazing!

These beings worked while I enjoyed the planned day with my family, although I kept wanting to cry as waves of gratitude continued to pour out of my energy field. Later that afternoon, when we returned home, I performed a cleansing ritual and separated the attachment that the being had created at my neck and shoulders. With the help of spirit, I detached the two of us and created healing for the both of us. The next day I went hiking with my family for a little bit of grounding energy and the pain in my neck and shoulders was only a memory.

It's important to remember that the darkness, whether being of something else or our own darkness, is something which needs healing. It is nothing to be afraid of, because it cannot harm you unless you allow it. This is simplified of course, but the point being that ,through "free will", if I choose to fear the darkness, then I give it power. But if I choose to have compassion and heal the darkness, then it has no power over me.

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